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Safeline is your No. 1 choice for safety. Our brake pads are manufactured to OEM quality, and our range of aftermarket brake pads fit up to 90% of vehicles on South Africa’s roads.
Safeline is the only brake pad manufacturer in South Africa to be both E-Mark and SABS Certified.

Our brake pads undergo stringent testing and are proven to deliver optimum braking performance, giving the driver greater stopping power from the first stop. Tests confirm that Safeline delivers on QUALITY and SAFETY:

  • Safeline brake pads last 2x longer than competitor pads, saving money on frequent replacements.
  • Reduces disc wear, assists in preventing expensive replacements.
  • Accessories and wear sensors are included with certain part numbers.
  • Leaves less dust on rims keeping your vehicle looking its best.
  • Stops up to 10m shorter than competitor pads keeping the vehicle’s occupants safe.
  • Safeline brake pads do not contain copper, asbestos or heavy metals and are not harmful to the environment.

Safeline brake pads are available at leading automotive parts distributors in South Africa as well as being distributed widely across Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Safeline Brake Pads


4×4 / SUV / LCV


About Safeline Brakes

The Safeline factory is located in Gauteng, South Africa and has a staff complement of over 190 employees. Safeline has invested substantially in expanding our product offering and boasts a range of passenger, 4×4, SUV, LCV and taxi brake pads.

Safeline Brake Pads

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Did you know that there are about 200 000 minibus taxis on South African roads? Safeline brake pads have been proven to stop up to 10m shorter than other brake pads*, that’s why more taxis choose Safeline than any other brand.

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