Brake Troubleshooting with Safeline - Expert Solutions
Symptom: Insufficient braking, squeal, brake shudder
Condition: Delamination
Cause: Excessive heat, adhesive failure, incorrect fitment, damage during fitment, sticky caliper
Solution: Replace pads, service or replace brake caliper


Symptom: Squeal, reduced stopping power
Condition: Glazed Pads
Cause: Excessive heat during bedding-in, brake fluid /grease smear during fitment or from hydraulic system
Solution: Replace pads and disc if necessary


Symptom: Insufficient braking /fade when new pads were fitted
Condition: Some portion of pad surface did not make contact with disc during braking
Cause: Pads not run in /not bedded-in sufficiently
Solution: Brake pads must be bedded-in

Green Fade

Symptom: Grinding noise, brake shudder, poor braking
Condition: Worn pads
Cause: Brake pads not replaced in time
Solution: Replace brake pads and replace or skim discs if possible

Worn Pads

Symptom: Insufficient braking
Condition: Brake fluid contamination /material degradation
Cause: Leaking calipers or brake hose, contamination during fitment
Solution: Replace brake pads and repair leak

Brake Fluid Contamination

Symptom: Squeal, grinding noise, loss of stopping power
Condition: Overheating
Cause: Disc below minimum specification, sticky calipers, product used outside design parameters e.g. overloading, racing
Solution: Replace brake pads and discs


Symptom: Squeal, grinding
Condition: Foreign object in friction material, groove in the disc
Cause: Embedded particle in material (manufacturing defect)
Solution: Remove object or replace pads. Machine or replace disc if necessary.

 Foreign Object

Symptom: Pads not fitting
Condition: Bent backing plate, delamination
Cause: Pads not fitted correctly, wrong part number
Solution: Replace pads, clean caliper, and fit correctly

Bent Backing Plate

Symptom: Grinding
Condition: Pad fitted back to front, disc worn
Cause: Pads not fitted correctly
Solution: Replace pads and fit correctly. Replace or machine discs if necessary.

Fitted Back To Front

Symptom: None
Condition: Angled wear
Cause: Caliper slide pins or sticky caliper piston, worn wheel bearings
Solution: Check wheel bearings, repair or replace caliper and replace brake pads

Angled Wear

Symptom: Wheel rim gets very hot
Condition: Uneven wear
Cause: Seized caliper piston or seized slide pins
Solution: Repair caliper and replace pads

Uneven Wear

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