Safeline Safety - Unmatched Braking Performance

Safeline is your shortest
stop to safety!

E-Mark and SABS certified
Safeline is the only brake pad in South Africa to be both
E-Mark and SABS certified.
Selected Safeline part numbers include:

  • Wear sensors, which alert a driver when their brake pads need replacing
  • Accessory kits (shims/clips).
  • 10 consecutive stops were performed from
    100km/hr – 0km/hr with a 20-second interval between each stop.
  • Maximum pedal pressure was applied to achieve deceleration of 9m/s² (just before lock-up).
  • Brake pads reached 100°C after the first stop and increased to temperatures between 550 – 600°C by the 10th stop.
  • The stopping distance for each stop was recorded.
  • Safeline came to a complete stop at 49m, whilst the vehicles fitted with competitor pads were still travelling at the following speeds:
  • Competitor A: 42.4 km/hr
    Competitor B: 42.2 km/hr
    Competitor C: 41.8 km/hr

AMS Fade Test
A friction layer on the surface of our brake pads, known as ‘Safetrac’, provides instant friction for faster bedding-in. When bedding-in your new Safeline brake pads, the Safetrac layer transfers onto the brake rotor which ensures smoother brake operation and improved braking power.
Safetrac benefits the bedding-in process which provides:

  • Enhanced and long-lasting braking performance
  • Reduced brake vibrations and squealing
  • Prevents metallic splinters during installation of new brake pads
Reasons why you should choose Safeline Brake Pads:

  • Lasts up to 2x Longer than competitor pads – saves you money
  • Stops up to 10m shorter than competitor pads
  • Reduces disc wear – helps prevent expensive replacement
  • Leaves less brake dust on rims – keeps your car looking its best
  • Enhanced stopping power – keeps you safer
  • Accessories and wear sensors (on certain part numbers)
  • Copper and asbestos-free
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