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The Safeline factory is located in Gauteng, South Africa and has a staff complement of over 190 employees.
Safeline has invested substantially in expanding our product offering and boasts a range of passenger, 4×4, SUV, LCV and taxi brake pads.

Safeline About Us
As a local manufacturer, Safeline understands the driving conditions faced by motorists in Africa and the importance of supplying brake pads that deliver on both quality and safety. To certify our brake pads safety, they are quality checked and undergo rigorous testing according to SANS 20090:2010 standards in an independent, state of the art laboratory. Through continuous improvement and testing, Safeline has become the number one choice for safety. Tests carried out on Safeline and competitor brake pad brands show that cars fitted with Safeline brake pads stop up to 10 metres shorter than leading competitor brands.

Safeline has a loyal customer base that extends over two decades. Our brake pads are distributed through all major automotive distributors in South Africa and into parts of Africa, namely Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

As a leading local brake pad manufacturer, Safeline continues to set the benchmark in brake technology and safe braking systems.


Our Achievements

Safeline is your safe fitment choice!

AMS Fade test, an internationally recognised test to determine braking distance, was conducted on Safeline and three leading competitor brake pad brands.

AMS Fade Test
  • 10 consecutive stops were performed from 100km/hr – 0km/hr with a 20-second interval between each stop.
  • Maximum pedal pressure was applied to achieve deceleration of 9m/s² (just before lock-up).
  • Brake pads reached 100°C after the first stop and increased to temperatures between 550 – 600°C by the 10th stop.
  • The stopping distance for each stop was recorded.
  • Safeline came to a complete stop at 49m, whilst the vehicles fitted with competitor pads were still travelling at the following speeds:

Competitor A: 42.4 km/hr
Competitor B: 42.2 km/hr
Competitor C: 41.8 km/hr

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